TUI group

Hello everyone and we welcome you to our thread where you will be updated on our airlines progress and news.

About us
We are a VA that only started and are looking for pilots. We are operated by many people with all different roles.

How we work
We have 3 ranks in our airline and these decide what aircraft you fly.
Rank 1 - 737 aircraft.
Rank 2 - 737 aircraft & 757-200.
Rank 3 - 737 aircraft, 757-200 & 787 aircraft.

TUI 737-700
TUI 737-800
Thomson 737-800
Thomson 757-200
TUI 787-8
TUI 787-9
(We are looking for a VA to lease us some 767s PM me if interested)

We only have British routes at this point in time & here they are,

What you need to join
We only have one specification for you to join TUI group & that is having the discord app. We will be using this for pilots to communicate and for us to announce events & updates to our VA directly to our pilots. Other than that PM me or @golden.spotter, DM our Instagram @tuigroup.if or join via our website (link will be here when it is finished)


I’m interested

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I’m interested too

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Our callsign on live is IFTUI???

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