TUI Group Virtual, Welcoming Event @ EGBB - 041900ZOCT17

TUI Group Virtual Welcoming Event

FT- Jet 2 Virtual Airline and Wizz Air Virtual

Hello IFC members, today I advertise the first ever TUI Group Virtual event. Doing so I think it is only right our first event should not be a recruitment event but a celebration of certification and to enjoy the VA world after a lot of hard work. I think the only way to be welcomed is by joining up with other VAs. We thought Jet2 and Wizz Air are both similar airlines and would be perfect to collaborate with.
I invite you to welcome TUI VA and wish us the best of luck in the future.

Server: Training

Region: London Region

Airport: EGBB-EGKK

Time: 1900Z


We will be following this simple plan:

Depart EGBB: 1910z
Climb maintain FL150
Speed bellow 10,000 - 235kts
Speed above 10,000 - 315kts
Descend towards EGKK airspace 40NM out
Land EGKK- 20-40 mins ADT (depending on traffic)

- Aircraft
  • Thomson- 737-800
    Thomson 737-800

  • Wizz Air- A320
    wizz air A320

Flight Plan

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To get a gate comment below, more gates will be added if needed.

RS- Reserved Gate

Terminal 1- J9J9T (TUIVA 001)
Terminal 2- @Chris_Wing
Terminal 3- @Nick_Wing
Terminal 4- @justifyletters
Terminal 5- Ethan (TUI VA)
Terminal 6- @Mickell_Augustine
Terminal 7- @Mackenzie_holmes
Terminal 9- @Cash_Hunte T
Terminal 10- Mickell (TUIVA58)
Terminal 11- @Meena.nabil
Terminal 12- @CaptainHall
Terminal 13- @Mohammed_Abu_Omar
Terminal 14- @Dannyshaw24
Terminal 15- @Captain28
Terminal 16- @ceri8
Terminal 17- @Harun_Koyuncu
Terminal 18- @Cedric_Lim

To find out information about our co-hosts, use the tab below. Feel free to go to their websites and apply! I must thank both CEOs for helping make this whole idea a reality, and remember VAs should help each other!

Event Partners

Jet 2 Virtual Airline
Jet2 VA
Jet2 VA- Website

Wizz Air Virtual
Wizz Air VA- Website

TUI Group Virtual- Areas
Please feel free to take a look at our website, thread and Instagram. If you have any feedback feel free to DM/PM me.

  • Website
  • IFC Thread
  • Instagram

tuijetwizz (1)


Sign me up boeing 737-800

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Will add you later, what callsign do you want?

I want SAJ 13…

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Okay see you, Wednesday

Terminal 6

Ok i will …

Be sure to join us! - Max

Could you add a pic? And i may not be able to make it but i will try my best

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Sounds fun, looks like you put a lot of work into this.

Add me up please as TUI 4

would you like to join us?

How many airplanes are in TUI’s fleet?

TUI have 7 jets, in this event we are using our 737-800.

Will do Chris.
Hope to see you there!

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More information about our fleet can be found on our website

To break it down for you we have 7 aircrafts in our fleet

Count me in
Call sign- TUI 185

I’ll be joining! May I have a gate please?

@justifyletters and @CaptainHall

You will be added

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I would like to act the Ground and Tower at the London Heathrow during the event.

Sign me up please this is my NO.1 airline 737-800

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