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TUI Group Virtual

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About Us

TUI Group Virtual was founded on the 23rd August 2017, starting with just two passionate and determined people myself and Darragh. Coming from a sustainable VA, we had a vision to form our own VA, a VA that was treated like a family, a VA where every voice was heard and everyone was equal. We didn’t just want this to be a vision, we wanted this to be a reality. So we did and we didn’t look back, from that day on we start to gain interest from our close friends, we started to gain unique and original ideas and innovations. 3 weeks later having everything prepared and ready to go, we approached the IFVARB with our ideas and products. Then exactly a month later from the idea we were approved.

Now that vision is a reality and we need you to help us get even future, so join our family today, it only takes a few minutes and then you will be an official member of TUI Group Virtual.


Our Cabinets

Our Cabinets are essentially what majority of VAs call staff/leadership teams, it is made up of two types General (for day to day runnings) and Executive for decisions and items for the future of the VA. To sum General= Short-Terms Impacts and Executive= Long-Term Impacts.

Executive Cabinet

  • Chairman and Co-Founder- Joshy T
  • Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder- Darragh

General Cabinet

  • Chief of Cabinet- Liam P
  • Chief of Recruitment- Max
  • Chief of Innovations- Liam
  • Chief Pilot- George
  • Flight Manager- Dustin
  • Global pre Manager- David

Our Ranking System


Rank 1 0 Hrs 0 Mins

  • Boeing 737-700
  • Airbus A320-200 (Generic Livery)
  • Embraer ERJ-190 (Generic Livery)

Rank 2 5 Hrs 0 Mins

  • Boeing 737-800

Rank 3 7 Hrs 0 Mins

  • Boeing 757-200

Rank 4 10 Hrs 0 Mins

  • Boeing 767-300

Rank 5 15 Hrs 0 Mins

  • Boeing 787-8 (-9)

Areas of contact and Social Media

Contact points and Social Media platforms


Quick entry to form

How to Join

Joining is simple, go to “Join Us” on our website, fill in a simple application form and within 48hrs you will be apart of our team.

You will receive an email of invitation to our communication platform SLACK just fill in your details and you will be in, you will be greeted with a very warm welcome from our team, this is the starting point of your family, flying career at the VA. Upon arrival, you will be sent a welcome message, badge, callsign and important information from Max our Chief of Recruitment.

From there you will able to fly the TUIVA flag by using TUIVA*** as your callsign, this defines that you are an official member of our team.

On behalf of my Cabinets and Team, we would like to take the opportunity in thanking you for your time spent reading our Thread and hope for you to join us. But until then see you in the virtual skies of Infinite Flight

Any questions or advice feel free to use the comments area below, we would really appreciate any feedback. :)


Good Luck !! TUI virtual


Thank you very much, see you in the skies!


GoodLuck TUI Virtual Wishing you all the best


Cheers mate, see you in the skies!

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Good luck from Jet2VA. Hope to see this VA grow.


Great TUI community get joining guys…TUI fly to loads of destinations around the globe


Very interesting, good too see you Joshy thriving in a new VA.


Cheers mate, nice to hear from you.


Nice thread and good luck. I know you both and I know you’ll do great 🎉


Aah, nothing says quality like a brushed aluminium sky



Best of luck. Question from me though: why aren’t you operating any Thomson flights from Manchester (EGCC)?

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Routes are constantly being added and the routes displayed on our website are not final. If there are any changes to the routes we will announce them.


As our Global Manager has said we are doing big chunks at a time… Our plan is to have all routes by the end of the year.

Thanks for the question though :)


Your slogan has to be in my top 3 favs! Well done! :)


Well we made it, glad to be there :)

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It’s Event Time!

That’s right today is our first ever event to the IFC and everyone is invited!

Today we are teaming up with fellow VAs Wizz Air Virtual and Jet2 VA. Giving a wide variety of aircraft in the sky to welcome TUI into the VA world. Want to welcome us? Why not request a gate.

Below is the link to our event we hope you come along and just enjoy the flying (it could be our first and last region event ;) )


TUI Group Virtual Update

For the past month, myself and other select Cabinet members have been working tirelessly on a project that will change our VA for good.

We have been working on a system that would work well for our pilots who will purchase global, and pilots that will not. Our new CrewCenter, along with the popular Virtual Management System (called phpVMS) will enable pilots to log flights easily, and for our Cabinet members to process them quicker.


We have added over 600 routes (with many more to come) that you can enjoy upon the release of Global.

credits for the software go to their respective owners

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Glad to see other VAs have been inspired by the success of BAVA. A very well done Josh, it’s so good to see your doing well! This is a big step forward for Tui, having been involved in it’s implimentation, I can vouch, it’s not a good effort!


Qantas Virtual were actually the first VA to start using the system. It’s a grea and advanced system that brings the professionalism to a whole other level.