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TUI Group Virtual is soon to be a leading Virtual Airline (VA) within InfiniteFlight that replicates the real-life TUI Group airlines that operates short, medium, and even long haul flights across four (4) regions within the globe. We operate a vast network of aircraft ranging from the Boeing 737’s to the Dreamliner’s themselves the 787’s!

If you want to join a caring and fun community then look no further and sign up today! We at TUI Group Virtual look forward to seeing you in the skies soon!

Position Status
Deputy Chairman CLOSED
Assistant Chairman (Internal) - Recruitment & Training @Zach007
Assistant Chairman (External) - Events & Public Relations OPEN
Human Resources Manager @Havoc
Events Coordinator OPEN
Events Coordinator OPEN
Chief Training Officer OPEN
Public Relations Manager @Alfie_Hunt
Director of Operations, TUI UK Airways OPEN
Director of Operations, TUIFly Belgium OPEN
Director of Operations, TUIFly Deutschland OPEN
Director of Operations, TUIFly Netherlands OPEN

Here at at TUIGroup Virtual we believe in a simple yet elegant ranking system which is fair to all, below is listed all the ranks that are achievable within TUIGroup and what are the required amount of flight hours to gain it!
Rank Hours required Notes
Third Officer (Cadet) 0 Hours Must complete a check flight with the CTO
Second Officer 1 - 35 Hours -
Senior Second Officer 36 - 75 Hours -
First Officer 76 - 125 Hours -
Senior First Officer 126 - 175 Hours -
Captain 176+ Hours Gains a 0.5x multiplier on all flights

Aircraft Rank
Boeing 737-700, Airbus A319-100 & Embraer E190 Second Officer
Boeing 737-800, Airbus A320-200 and the Airbus A321-200 Senior Second Officer
Airbus A330-300, Boeing 757-200 and the Boeing 767-300 First Officer
Boeing 787-8 and the Boeing 787-9 Senior First Officer

With TUI Group expanding over 4 different divisions, this grants the pilots with various hubs to fly from! Below is an extensive list of all the major hubs within TUI Group portfolio! You’ll also never get bored with the amount of routes you can pick from as TUIGroup Virtual flies to over a 150+ destinations across the globe!

TUI Airways UK
Airport ICAO
Aberdeen EGPD
Belfast–International EGAA
Birmingham EGBB
Bournemouth EGHH
Bristol EGGD
Cardiff EGFF
Doncaster/Sheffield EGCN
Dublin EIDW
East Midlands EGNX
Edinburgh EGPH
Exeter EGTE
Glasgow EGPF
London–Gatwick EGKK
London–Luton EGGW
London–Stansted EGSS
Manchester EGCC
Newcastle EGNT
Norwich EGSH
TUIFly Deutschland
Airport ICAO
Dusseldorf Airport EDDL
Frankfurt Airport EDDF
Hannover Langenhoven Airport EDDV
Munich Airport EDDM
Saarbrucken Airport EDDR
Stuttgart Airport EDDS
TUIFly Netherlands
Airport ICAO
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport EHAM
Eindhoven Airport EHEH
Rotterdam The Hague Airport EHRD
TUIFly Belgium
Airport ICAO
Antwerp Int’l Airport EBAW
Brussels Airport EBBR
Brussels South Charleroi Airport EBCI
Liege Airport EBLG
Ostend Bruges Int’l Airport EBOS

Here at TUIGroup Virtual, we offer a wide range of partnerships and below you can see the current partners of TUIGroup Virtual!

Virtual Airline/Organisation Thread
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To join TUI Group Virtual you can head over to our website and/or head over directly to the application form. However you must be the following requirements which are listed below!

  • Be at least Grade 2 (Pilot) and/or Grade 3 (Staff)
  • Must be at least 13 years old
  • Have an active account on the Infinite Flight community forums
  • Must be able to submit at least one (1) flight per calendar month
  • Must have a good standing with the IFVARB and IFC. This means not being perma-banned from IFC as well as being on the black list from IFVARB.

TuiGroup Virtual is not related or affiliated with the real life TUI Group. All images are owned by their respectful owners.

Congratulations on your approval! The thread looks good, wish you the best in this wonderful VA/VO community!


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