TUI Group To Acquire Embraer E2 Aircraft

Today the TUI Group has announced it will be acquiring the new generation Embraer regional aircraft.

Credit: Embraer.

The TUI Group has made the decision to keep modernising their fleet. This time they set their sights on the Embraer E-Jets of TUI Airlines Belgium.

TUI Airlines Belgium is the only airline in the TUI Group to operate Embraer aircraft. The aircraft they currently operate are four units of the E190 type. While not being that old, all being under 10 years of age, the TUI Group has decided to upgrade the Embraer fleet to three units of the E195-E2 type, which will be on a long-term from AerCap.

The aircraft are expected to be delivered in the first half of 2023. These aircraft will be primarily based at Antwerp, as with their current E190s.

The TUI Group strives for more efficiency, and the E2 offers just that. Along with more efficient engines, the plane is also significantly quieter compared to it’s original equivalent, which is an important advantage for where they will be based.

The new E2 aircraft will take over the role of the older E190s. Maintaining the same destinations, but also adding an opportunity for further flights with it’s extended range. Although it cannot use it’s full potential with the limited runway length at Antwerp, it still opens the door to exciting things to come.

What do you think about this decision?

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Interesting! Good to see that the TUI group is striving for greener and more efficient flights - which is more important at this time as ever.


TUI Group - you have my respect.


Nice to see the E2 getting some attention over the A220


It is nice to see indeed. A very important step for them!

@AvioesEJogos I’m assuming you had respect for TUI Airlines Belgium (and Jetairfly) before concidering they decided to get E190s unlike the rest of the TUI Group ;) .

@anon36731834 Even with me preferring the CSeries myself, it definitely is nice to see, and it makes a lot more sense for them. It’ll be nice to see these flying in and out of Antwerp “soon”.

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The livery on the E2 is just….😍


It does look very good if I do say so myself. Even if you mostly see it on Boeing aircraft, it definitely fits the Embraers as well.


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