Tui Fly Boeing 737-824 - Haribo Goldbären (D-ATUD)


This gummy plane painted on one of Tui Flys 737’s, and is an awesome livery that deserves to be in the IF skies!!!
Tui fly is an airline located in Germany, also Haribo is a candy gummy company also located in Germany. This airline has painted 2 Boeing 737-800’s one blue and one gold. The airline first painted these planes around the time the airline started in 2007. This plane can be a great plane with infinite flight’s special livery’s!!! please vote!

I know you saw this on Cpt Canada’s stream today😂😂


I’m a gummy plane, yes I’m a gummy place, I’m a gummy gummy gummy gummy gummy plane, oh yeah.

Sorry, moments from childhood are always the most daunting. I’m not sure if this would be allowed since it’s a trademark of Haribo, which would most likely not be allowed due to copyright issues.


With some more info, the one I linked can be flagged and this shall be the one.


Same thing I told another user last night. Add more information to this topic, and I’ll consider keeping it open. This topic does not currently meet todays standards for a feature request. Look at some other feature requests to get an idea as to what you should include. Additionally, “The gummy bear plane” title does not work. Please fix. Thanks.


I think I’ll seriously clear a vote for this!

I added some more info about the plane. There isn’t much I could find about this plane surprisingly

“Gummy bear plane”

No negativity, but the title suggest literally the plane is made out of Gummy bears.

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to be honest that is what I was kind of going for.

But to be honest, this might get shot down for copyright issues. Same reason why we can’t have the United Star Wars 738.

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That’s one sweet plane! Haha see what I did there…


yea I kinda thought of that as I was posting it but it is worth a shot

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off the top of my head yes

Southwest is triggered now.

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ohhh yea the southwest liverys

Air France Skyteam 77W
Air New Zealand All Blacks 77W
AirTran Atlanta Falcons 717
Alaska Airlines More to Love 739
American Airlines Astrojet 738
American Airlines Oneworld 772
American Airlines TWA 738
Etihad Formula One A346
Garuda Indonesia Skyteam CRJ-1000
Iberia Retro CRJ-1000
KLM Orange Pride 77W
Qatar Airways Oneworld 77W
RAF 50 Years Anniversary C-130J
Southwest Illinois One 737
Southwest Shamu 737
United Star Alliance 752

Just to name a few, there’s probably more than you think. Doesn’t include the old liveries :)


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