TUI Fly Belgium Cockpit Flight in YOW

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So recently, I had been able to talk to someone I know who works for Sunwing Airlines (a Canadian airline) and he let me know that one of the 737’s we’re going to be coming to Ottawa, Ontario, to train their flight attendants. The training for the most part was just checking everyone’s seatbelts, making sure the baggage is in the top properly and so on. So, I got called up and was told his company had contacted families of employees and no one wanted to go so they could invite people they knew. I had to just go for the offer as it would be cool to do some pattern work at my local airport in a 737.

The whole backstory behind the TUI Fly Belgium title is as the aircraft belongs to TUI Fly Belgium while it is currently being operated with Sunwing Airlines here in Canada for the time being while Sunwing ‘rents’ it you could say.

Here’s a little of the aircraft information for those of you who would like to see what it looks like and know some background information on it by perhaps checking it out of Flightradar24 or so on.

Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-8K5 (738)
Aircraft Registration: OO-JAV (Belgian Registration)
Aircraft Age: 4 1/2 Years
Airline: TUI
Aircraft Operator: TUI Fly Belgium
Aircraft Callsign: Sunwing 8009

For more information, you can check out the description of the video on YouTube.

TUI Fly Belgium Training in Ottawa (YOW/CYOW)

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