TUI Boeing 787-8

i realy like this airline, and its a other airline than Thomson.

and not forget the # on the planes.


I’d prefer Thomson rather than TUI


Yes! I would like to see this livery in the game

When it comes to making the 787 they would make ever single type of livery that they can


Yes in Britain we have Thomson so I would prefer that

I believe that TUI is also just a very very small portion of the company however it being the parent it takes over

Yes it’s only in the UK it’s called Thomson, in Europe though TUI is the airline

Yup that’s true

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I like the livery, it looks nice. Along with the beautiful 787, of course.


I really like the colors on this one. Hopefully it will be added during the 787 rework.

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The new Thomson B787-9 is in that livery cause of the merger was delivered this week

It’s confirmed ;)

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I hope i will fly with them, the third time i will fly with a dutch airline then

We have it.