TUI B752 flight to Funchal!

1) These were taken on my flight to Funchal. This was my first time flying into Funchal and I would definitely recommend flying there, especially in the 757!

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1.At the gate at Gatwick.

2.Rotating after takeoff from runway 26L.

3.A left turn at about 5000 feet towards the south.

4.Reaching cruise altitude over the English Channel.

5.Entering the Bay of Biscay.

6.100kts winds over the Atlantic after leaving mainland Spain.

7.Quite an early descent into Funchal over the Atlantic.

8.A windy approach into Funchal with a great view of the flaps and gear.

9.A bit of a bumpy landing into Funchal.

10.Turning into the stand at Funchal with the Atlantic looking fresh.

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Stunning photos!

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Thanks buddy!

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