TUI Airways Boeing 737-800

Would love the TUI Airways livery to come into the game as the blue TUI livery is for TUI Netherlands with a Dutch registration, and the Thomson livery is no longer applicable. Most TUI Airways 737-800s have the scimitar winglets as in the picture here. The TUI Airways livery with UK reg will help more realism when wanting to fly using Tomjet!

Source: G-TAWM TUI Airways Boeing 737-8K5(WL) Photo by Donato Bolelli | ID 1006667 |


TUI Airways

Boeing 737-800

I don’t want to come off as rude and I’m a huge TUI fan myself but… is this really necessary? Is a different reg really ruining the realism for you? I can’t stop you from making the topic but I’m just confused 🙂

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yes it is (for me)

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Whatever floats your boat but I honestly couldn’t name a single registration in the game 🤷‍♂️

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Yeah, just how some will be annoyed the Etihad 787-10 reg etc is inaccurate - guess its choice but I like the small details :)

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I honestly feel like this feature request isn’t necessary and is definitely not worthy of the (already scarce) time the Devs have. The only issue is the registration? Kind of nitpicky to be fair


Like I said, its all about personal preferences - some are really key on details, just how plane spotters generally like to get all the info in during spotting trips including registrations etc

Some people are annoyed the new Transavia livery has the Transavia France reg for example, and not the Dutch one as before

This would cause so much confusion and unnecessary storage being wasted on a registration.

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Sure thing, but from a standpoint of practicality and planning, this is never going to be done by the devs, it is a waste of time. Again, nitpicky also has its too muches