TUI 787 to SXM and easyJet A320 to Basel

A TUI 787-8 PH-TFM off to SXM and an easyJet A320 G-EZPC off to Basel crossing paths above me earlier. Amazing sight to see.


Schân ! 😊😊😊

Danke! :) :)

Bitte sehr ! πŸ˜‚

Wow. That’s beautiful.

Thanks! It sure is a awesome sight to see

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You need to leave a translation if you speak in another language @Flying-Switzerland @planemadblog

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Is that a new rule? Where can I read it?

No, it’s not new. This is an English speaking forum, if everyone started speaking different languages how would anyone be able to follow discussion?

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This is the translation :

SchΓΆn = Beautiful

Danke = Thank You

Bitte Sehr = You Welcome
Language = German


Sorry, I do not speak any other language, was the help of Google translate… noted @Carson


I speak some german so I’m cool with it.

Simple words should be allowed.

ATC is English so the forum should be English.

I have been wondering, how do they make those clouds? I see those every single day and been searching for it but got nothing so far.