TUI 787-8 Manchester to Boston

As my first long haul flight in over a year, I have departed from Manchester with TUI onboard a Boeing 787-8 headed to Boston. Cruising at 40,000ft, the passengers enjoyed views of going over Liverpool, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Greenland and Canada.

Flight info: Training Server / 07:54 / EGCC-KBOS

Manchester departure

Over Liverpool

Heading out of Northern Ireland

Under Greenland

Approaching Canada


Parked with a 747 + A321


Looks like a nice flight! Great pictures!

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Did you have flaps out the whole flight?


I think u meant 737

I mean it was a Luthansa 747 that landed right after me and followed me to parking…

Maybe… idk how to fly i just do it anyway

You retract flaps after take off. Irl you would of oversped flaps and potentially crashed


Errmmm… I meant where it says A321, I think it should be a 737

No it said where the callsign stuff was that it was an A321

Oh yeah I done that, I thought he meant I shouldnt of flaps down for the whole flight.