TUI 757-200 [New Livery]

Haha, I had a holiday last year before the new advert, it wasn’t great, if I had waited maybe the advert could have been a warning of sort! :)

I flew with them in October to Ibiza but have flown on the B757 many times with them before!

Voted! This is much needed with the 757 being reworked!

This is the chance!

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Voted! Would love to see this livery around the UK!

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I hope you add. 🙂

Voted. This is not a ‘should’. It is a ‘must’.

Before covid I flew on TUI 757s often, so I would love to see this come in 20.3!

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Were tired of using the old thomson livery Bring on the TUI airways

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Voted. Would love to see this livery added to this aircraft 🙂

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I don’t have more votes, but I totally support this thread, this livery is stunning !

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Skiathos airport is pretty small but a 757 can take on it even though it’s a pencil

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YES! I would love to this updated TUI livery on the 757.

FB_IMG_1605128593012 FB_IMG_1605128587108

This is an ex-Tui 757 now in Mojave for P2F coverstion. Really want this livery before Tui retire them all.

Credit - Pilot of her


bumping this so Devs could see how much we would fly this like in the 737s

I’m sure they’ll add this livery, the sim already lacks of many liveries so I don’t think they will have the luxury to remove this livery. But who knows, I support this livery! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

28 votes!! Keep them coming! 🤞

We need this livery, it’s an iconic one.
Perfect to fly from and to europe’s holiday destinations.

Not anything special but I founded one of the modes using the TUI callsign in the 757 but it could be something tho


Pretty sure TUI doesn’t fly from Gatwick to Miami. Ever considered they might deliberately try to confuse you?