TUI 737-800 - Unmarked

Unlike my KLM 747 request, this aircraft still flies for Tui

G-FDZX is a 9 year old aircraft delivered brand new to Thomson in May 2011. It joined Tui in 2017 when the rebranding occured. It was leased to Sunwings in 2019 before rejoining Tui of this year…

This still flies and is currently based out Birmingham. Like most aircraft leased to Sunwings, not many were painted after due return to lease due to Covid-19

This doesn’t seem to be a duplicate - however maybe change the title to “TUI (Standard Livery) 737-800”

Good evening!
The thing to know is that this plane has been repainted with the logo, I would have preferred that you offer the TuiFly delivered White or Yellow…
But in itself, this livery is a good idea…


This is your second feature request today (you’re permitted to only one request per day). Edit: Sorry, my mistake, as pointed out by the user below.

Also, this is just my humble opinion, but there isn’t a world-changing difference between titles and no-titles. Much like the KLM 747-400 you posted earlier, the livery is still recognizable. Nothing against the rules for a feature like this, but I just don’t see much purpose for this being added. Especially when compared to the number of liveries missing altogether on certain aircraft.

Best of luck with this request. 👍

Not too sure you are.

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Interesting, although this isn’t much needed right now.

@Tsumia speak like Yoda, do you?

Its another livery thats missing and would be great for Tui Virtual and more liveries for UK airlines

Considering it wasnt less than 2 weeks ago and has continued flying it hasnt got Tui on still