TUI 737-800 BEAUTIFUL ITALIAN SCENERY (Larnaca to London Gatwick)

TUI 737-800 (Larnaca to London Gatwick)

Flying over Milano airspace, with beautiful shot of the mountains and the city.

Flight info in the bottom picture
Server: Expert

Beautiful mountains in the background

City view

More mountains

Top of the plane down

Flight plan/time
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Very nice photos mate! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!

Nice photos!

That scenery is pretty awesome, nice work!

Thanks! @Sashaz55

Great Pictures Zac! @khyden_bennett would love these!

Nice shots!
Thats a lot of waypoints for that length of a flight lol

Those photos are amazing! I used to be at TUI virtual they had an amazing selection of routes aswell! And a lovley fleet Zak well done!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!

IKR, ask simbrief 🤣

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Thanks! I’m in El Al (I’m on head staff) and we have a codeshare with them

Ahh okay! Cool!