Tug release points

Hey guys! So today I introduce you to, tug release points! If u listen to real life atc (or VATSIM atc) u will probably hear this: “shamrock3AD push and start approved, TUG RELEASE POINT JULIET, qnh 1029”. I think this could make pushbacks 10x more realistic and make ATC more interesting (as in: request pushback shamrock3AD pushback approved TRP charlie)! Personally I think it’s a good idea. Any votes greatly appreciated!!!

Just bumping this fast :)

What is it exactly, I didn’t understand quietly?

Tugs or anything wont be animated for initial release of 21.1, so i dont think it could work for that, but if and when IF does make those things animated and moveable i definetly would love to hear that when pushing back!

I think it wd be great! But u know what I mean right? The signs on the ground E.G TRP J