Tuesday Pictures :D

Its Tuesday, another day another week.
For some school have started already, for some it didn’t. And for some their job started instead.
So on this day I’ll share some pictures I took :)
Enjoy guys😁

Flight Information

Various flights, various pictures. I don’t remember the routes and stuff :/
Let’s starts with the pictures then… I guess. Maybe I know some of the Information but I’ll mention it with the pic :)


Asiana Airlines a350 heading for Jeju from Incheon in this beautiful sunrise

Helping to train future IFATC’s, of course in a 787 because why not ;)
Btw, that’s @RTG113 in the Delta 737

Still ATC training, busy traffic on final😂

American 772 departing :)

Nice little retro style kind of moonshot, with the 747SOFIA

Hope y’all enjoyed them✌️
Stay safe and happy Tuesday


Nice pictures! What editor do you use?

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Mainly the pre-installed pictures app from Apple. And for the lens flare I use PicsArt

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No problem 😄

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About time I saw more photos by @Infinite_Qantas, awesome job!

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A350 is always pure S.E.X

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Thanks😂, I’ve a real tight schedule with school and homework and stuff. So I don’t fly that often

@German_Pilot Seriously.Enormous.Xylophone?


Nice shots mate!

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My favorite sunrise / sunset image ive seen! Great Job! I saw that awesome 772 AA departure on IG haha!

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Thanks @Aero 😊

@ItsBlitz what an honor😊



I’m in love with the American 772 picture