Tuesday Night Caribbean Flight @ TNCM - 260030ZJAN16

If anyone is willing to I will be starting a flight in the carribean starting at St. Maarten and flying to wherever.

  1. I will start it off KPHL is my name
  2. No restriction to air traffic control
  3. Starts at 7:30 eastern time jan 26
  4. Four engine planes only. Or 757/767
  5. Have fun!!
  6. Atc playground

He states this will be in the Caribbean though …

Whoops sorry about that didn’t realize.

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I will be in the carribean tonight at 7:30 as well as others! Meet me there for a fun time!

Ok Dawud first mission, fix the title then put it in events ;)

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Tuesday january 26

Might be busy when this event takes place … ( Sorry )

What server?

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Hey Sam, as per the forum guidelines, this post should be in #live:events, please don’t move it back to #general. :)