Tuesday Flight Around the Northwest @ KSEA - 222345ZMAR16

Server: Advanced

Region: Seattle

Airport: KSEA

Time: 2345Z 03/22/2016

NOTAM: All info listed below

Use any Boeing aircraft, parking assignments depend on aircraft size see KSEA airport diagram for assignments.There is a runway crossing, be aware.

Allow for 20 seconds between departures! The first arrival into KPAE needs this spacing at a minimum.

ANVIL @ 3,000 / 210 kts
CONIT @ 6,500 / 240 kts
GRYND @ 5,000 / 220 kts
ITIPE @ 2,000 / 180 kts
KPAE- runway 16
*** use the 90 degree turn to final to help bleed off speed if needed. Hold 2,000 feet until 0 DME count 5 seconds and make a left break with a tight pattern back to final. It is important to bleed speed and dump altitude once you make the left break because the next plane behind you will be @ 2,000. Preform a touch and go.

RARYO @5,000 / 220 kts
JUYCU @ 16,000 / 360 kts
FESAS @ 16,000 / 360 kts
COUGA @ 16,000 / 360 ( just prior to this point is rough top of decent TOD, not exact check my math)
ISRIY descent / do not exceed 240 kts
ANINE descent / do not exceed 240 kts
TTIDE decent / do not exceed 240 kts

BE cognizant of spacing, because there isn’t a published speed at this point it could bunch up.

Flying a straight in for 10L KPDX

I’ll have an in game screen shot of the flight plan in a bit. Screen shots of flight plan are a few posts down


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Count me bro I am so exited.

Why are the non-heavies taking off on a longer runway than the heavies? Also, make sure this don’t interfere with TT

Not sure what TT is. The runway length is plenty long for either “weight”. The logic was heavies park up at cargo and cross the runway while the non-heavies have a shorter taxi.

Stands for Turbulent Tuesday’s and is kinda like FNF (Friday Night Flight)

Oh yea. If people don’t want to partake because of TT that’s fine.

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I have a qeustion.

how to choose the waypoints for this event, cuz i couldent find them?
is there an easy way to copy it


I’ll put a screen shot up soon.

can do 1 at ATC playgroun? im grade 2 only :(

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You are welcome to fly the route on any server, file your flight plane and have fun

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Awsom I’ll be there on time