Tuesday Afternoon Hockey Charter

The NHL season is coming down to the wire, and the West division couldn’t be tighter, with only 5 points separating 1st and 3rd place. This week the Colorado Avalanche travelled to St. Louis to take on one of their biggest rivals, the St. Louis Blues! This is their flight!

Flight Information:
Departure: Denver International - KDEN
Arrival: St. Louis Downtown - KCPS
Flight Time: 1:29
Server: Expert
Aircraft: Delta Airlines B737-800


DL8948 parked at the Signature FBO in Denver, loading up equipment for the Avs’ upcoming 5-game road trip.

Waiting to taxi out for departure as another BBJ taxis out of the FBO ramp for departure to JFK (Piloted by @IF.Mike)

DL8948 cleared for takeoff on Runway 8, saying goodbye to the mountains for the next week and a half.


Cruising over the vast, empty plains of the Midwest.

Passing by Kansas City at FL350.

Finally beginning our descent over the rolling hills of Central Missouri.

Banking into runway 12R at KCPS with Downtown St. Louis just off our left wing. How cool would this approach be with 3D city buildings??


Parked at the FBO, loading up the busses, and heading off to the arena for afternoon skate!

I hope you guys enjoyed these photos! I love flying the unique routes that sports charters provide! If you have a suggestion for a charter route to fly, let me know!


Nice route! As someone who enjoys spotting sports charters IRL at CPS, I can tell you that some great MLB/NHL routes are:


All flown with the mainly 752, 319, or 738 as you have here.

And let me tell you- the approach is really scenic flying over the city in real life :)


Hoping you enjoyed your flight!


The Rangers get a 752 so we win 😉

If only we could make the playoffs!

Love the pictures! Over here with the eastern division it’s super close… nail biting for sure.

Wow! Nice pictures! I love!

I love seeing the 752 Charter I often see it fly over my house or sometimes sitting at the airport when I’m there flying I wish I could see them more I’ve only seen it 2 times :)

Normally we do too but availibility left us with a 738 and an A319 this week.