Tucson to Los Angeles: A Short but Nice Flight

Hey everyone! So I haven’t taken screenshots of my flights for a while, and I’m hoping to do that more. For this flight, I decided to use photos as people would in real life, like pictures taken by plane spotters, photos that come from cameras that pilots put in the cockpits, etc. If you don’t understand what I mean by now, you’ll get it when you look at the pictures. These were taken today, but the actual flight was from yesterday.

Flight Details:

Callsign: American 1095
Route: KTUS-KLAX (Tucson to Los Angeles)
Server: Training

Let’s get into it!

A ramp agent took this one after he finished loading luggage.

A plane spotter got a nice shot of my takeoff.

One of my passengers took this one. Goodbye Tucson!

Another passenger took this as we leveled off.

And yet another passenger took this of the Arizona/California border. Wow we had a lot of photographers on this flight. 😅

This one was taken by me, the Captain, with a GoPro on the dash as we started our decent.

Right before landing, a passenger form another flight shot the above photo, and at the same time another plane spotter shot the bottom photo.

Hope y’all enjoyed! This is my second or third #screenshots-and-videos so I’m still gaining experience. Constructive criticism is welcome!


I love the stories behind everything, the pics are great also!


And good bye 103°F! (That’s the current temp in Tucson.)

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Thank you!

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Oh my dear lord… I couldn’t handle that.

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Nice to know that at least this flight was pretty full! Nice pics!

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I love the backstories! Really gives a little shazam to it! 10/10

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Thank you all for the positive feedback! It makes me happy knowing that you love my photography skills. Later I’m going to do the same type of concept except in a CRJ and when the 777 update comes out, where there’s an actual cabin so you can see the window.

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