TU227, from Belgrade to Tunis! (Tunisair A319-112ER)

Hey IFC!
Yesterday, I did a Belgrade to Tunis (LYBE -> DTTA) with the Tunisair A319.
The flight was on Expert, with a time of 2h08.

Anyway, here is the pics!

The aircraft is an 13 years and 9 mouths Airbus A319-112 which is operated by Tunisair since April 2007, the registration is TS-IMQ, his SN is 3096 and it’s named “Alyssa”.


Leaving Serbia and Belgrade.

Somewhere in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Somewhere in Italy.

Over the Mediterranean, descending to Tunis Carthage.

Approaching DTTA, runway 19.

Going around due to an unstable approach.

Approaching again, same runway.

Parked Gate P25.

Which one is your favourite?
  • Picture 1.
  • Picture 2.
  • Pic 3.
  • Pic 4.
  • The 5th.
  • The 6th.
  • The 7th.
  • The 8th.
  • The 9th.
  • The 10th.

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@AlphaSeven, @Ivan0921, @F1PlayBG


Well done bro ! 🔥
I really love 1,3,4,5 (wow) , 7 , 9 (wow) ,

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Thank you very much!

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Cool flight, and even cooler pics!


Thank you @Ivan0921!

Before asking me that the flight isn’t realistic, just search “TU227” on the web. 👍


Dont worry, im not that much if a realism freak ;)
Edit: i think Air Serbia also flies that route, though likely on the Aviolet sub-brand

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It was addressed for everyone, not just you :)

I don’t think that Air Serbia or Aviolet flies that route, but I will check.

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I vaguely remember reading about it being flown as a charter last summer.

One thing is for sure, i know back likeee…13ish years ago? ASLs predecesor, JAT, definitely flew that route, as thats the flight i took when visiting Tunis when i was like 5

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