Tsumia’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N.A [PASSED PRACTICAL]

Coming rn.

Everything looked good from my side except for the transition altitude which you gave to the aircraft as I was exiting the runway. The transition altitude for Düsseldorf is 3000ft since the airport is at about 200ft MSL. Add 1500ft for pattern altitude + another 1000ft for vertical separation and you get 2700ft. Round that up and that’s where the 3000ft comes from.

I wish you best of luck on your practical test and I can’t wait to see you controlling the skies!

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Closing down now.

Wishing you the best of luck on your practical. Stay calm and be proactive. You know the information. You just need to display it now to prove it ;)

You’ll do great. Don’t mess up plz I have money on it kthxbye

Gotta get past my panic stage first

I feel that. Going to be honest with you, I got like no sleep before my practical because of it. You just need to be confident. You’ve been in this process for quite a bit. Think of it as a busy tracking thread. Don’t rush sequencing. Do quick checks before you give them a command. You’ll do fine.

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Breath @Tsumia and you will win! Rooting for you!


1 failed practical, and some training sessions later, I’m glad to say that I have passed.


Congratulations my friend! Can’t wait to see you controlling for me on Expert Server! 🥳🥳

It’s about time! Glad to have you on the team. It’s been a long journey indeed. Practice and dedication pays off.

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Congratulations. Now send me into a mountain jaja jaja

Congratulations @Tsumia! I knew you could do it!

Congratulations @Tsumia !