Tsumia’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N.A [PASSED PRACTICAL]

Hey guys,

My previous thread got closed a couple days due to… neglect I guess so here’s a new one.


I’ll be open at LHBP so feel free to stop by for some patterns! Runways 31B are in use.

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AHHH I’m in flight I sooooo wish I could come

Will you be open in like 2 hours 😏

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I could but it’ll be like 4AM lmao

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Yeah but it’s you, for you 5 am is like 1 am 😂

Jk hopefully I’ll cya this evening 😆

Can you tag me next time your open?

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I’ll be sure to do that. See you then.

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Are you still open?

Still am, feel free to stop by if able!

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Alright I’m coming!

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Alright you did pretty good tonight. All the in air stuff was flawless. My only thing though, I hadn’t requested “full stop” and you gave me an exit runway command. Remember only give that command if the pilot is doing a full stop landing. You did good it’s just a minor flaw that’s easily fixable. I look forward to coming to future sessions. Have a good night!

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Thanks for your feedback! I’ll be sure to perfect my skills for the next 3 months :^)

All I need to learn is to handle busier airspaces, LEMG became a mess when it was busy lmao

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Closing down for today. Thanks to those who attended!

Tag me in the future when you open please, @Tsumia!

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Pilots do not always request full stop. For a safe bet, if you see an aircraft slowing down below 70 kts (jets) and 50 ish kts (props), and the aircraft is using something like spoilers and/or reverse thrust even if they did not report full stop, go ahead and give the instruction. Even if they want to do a stop and go let’s say, they can still takeoff again because a clearance for the option overrides an exit runway instructions, so don’t worry too much about this. It is pilot’s discretion if they want to takeoff again, so there is nothing too bad with giving this command as a safe bet. Try to avoid avoidable situations such as the opposites of the situations which I described above if you can however.


I’m now open at EDDL, Feel free to stop by for patterns!

@MJP_27 @RoBroStar Here are your tags.

I’ll stop by in about 5 minutes

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Closed down, thanks to those who attended!

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Hey there! You did good. Just a few mistakes to work on.

  • The transition altitude that you gave me was incorrect. It should’ve been 3,000.

  • You forgot to give me when you cleared me for the option when I called inbound for touch and go, after the option make left/right traffic.

  • It would’ve been better to put N121WS on right downwind runway 23R.

  • You forgot to acknowledge the go around from N121WS.

  • The please check runway assignment was given very late to N121WS. Should’ve gave it earlier. I would always check to make sure the pattern or landing aircraft are aligned with the right runway.


You were on the same traffic pattern.

He was on left traffic, I was planning to give the traffic pattern change during the clearance.

I couldn’t find the command so that’s a mistake on my end lmao