TSATC - Training Server ATC Schedule - 3/19/18 - 3/25/18

This is where they go to sharpen their skills right before going through our tests.

As I’m flying with TAP, I usually fly inside Europe considering the fact that there is only one livery for TAP at the moment which is the A320. There’s also the old 747-200 but this plan and livery aren’t used anymore by TAP.
Anyway I try to fly from Lisbon (LPPT) and Porto (LPPR) to different destinations in Europe.
I try to avoid EGLL, there are to much planes flying there.

I also try to open Tower and Ground in Lisbon since this airport is an important platform to join USA and South America.

I agreed with that portion for the record. I only fly on training when someone opens their tracking thread or if the person asks me to come to the airport they opened. If you chose not to update this thread I’m never going to know where you are open or if you are open. Don’t give up. :)