TSATC - Training Server ATC Schedule - 3/19/18 - 3/25/18

Training Server ATC Schedule - 3/19/18 - 3/25/18

Provided by TSATC

We have seen a lack of participation recently from pilots to fly to our staffed airports. This program depends you you to fly at our staffed airports and plan your flights accordingly. Please help us keep TSATC alive! Thanks!

This week, we will staff many different countries! Our openings will provide more opportunities to fly into steadily opened airports for a specific period.

Below you will find the designated countries that will be serviced for that day of the week. Please take part, represent the country of the day’s colors, and plan your routes to our manned airports.

All changes will occur at, or around 0600 Zulu.

Our controllers are volunteers, and will not be able to staff all of the airports all the time. We’ll try our best, but we cannot guarantee an airport to be open at a certain time.

TSATC is not affiliated with IFATC, though you should go and check them out! They provide excellent Expert Server ATC!

Credits to Tyler_Shelton for the post format. :)


Do you follow our schedule?

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😂no one flies on ts1! (For the moment)

The thing is that probably like me people think like this.
Expert: go there for realistic experience, but have to be with device all the time to avoid ghosting or violations
Casual: not realistic but can leave device at anytime
Training: not realistic and you get violations.
Why go there🤔

Now people voted differently my theory is wrong 😞


Yeah, that’s our issue. If nobody flies to our open airports we may have to close up shop. :(


Keep up the work though. It might come with time hopefully 😉

Anything to promote a good atc service is good. The better the service the better pilots learn and can then become ATCs themselves. Hopefully that theory works…


I hope Australia will be filled with ATC today, want to fly the QFA 738 today… :)

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Changes don’t occur until 0600z. You still got a while.

I know that, I didn’t say I want to fly now :)

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I wouldn’t agree more :). But however, this is a public thread on when the controllers are active rather then a schedule

instead of making events everyday, updating this topic will be useful too. so it’s more like tracking topic too.

and how come this topic was not pinned like the expert server was? :)

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They are not affiliated so it’s not an official group in there eyes.

I do come sometimes but I’m usually flying on Expert for my VA or controlling for IFATC.

I have the opinion that this TSATC schedule also needs to be affiliated, as we all want TS as an actual Traning Ground for pilots to get to Expert.

but my opinion doesn’t matter though :)

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I can open up Sydney if anyone needs me to

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True but we have our own process but controllers are encouraged to participate in this and to make a tracking thread.

Personally, I go to the airports that someone is training at and help them learn how to control to the best of there ability before applying to be an IFATC. When it’s not late, like right now

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For me it is only 5:04pm AEDT

Haha very funny 😂😂 wish I could say the same

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It is really 7:35pm for me AEDT as I live in Sydney Australia

I believe you mate. You told me in a pm already lol

OK I wasn’t sure if you believed me but now I know that you believed me

Haha that’s great. Glad we cleared that up :)