TSATC - Training Server ATC Schedule - 2/12/18 - 2/18/18


Training Server ATC Schedule - 2/12/18 - 2/18/18

Provided by TSATC

This week, we will staff many different countries! Our openings will provide more opportunities to fly into steadily opened airports for a specific period.

Below you will find the designated countries that will be serviced for that day of the week. Please take part, represent the country of the day’s colors, and plan your routes to our manned airports.

Please forgive me, as I am sick with the flu and don’t have the time or energy to make a map for this week. Sorry!


  • United States
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Ireland
  • UK
  • Canada
  • India
  • Qatar
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Mexico

All changes will occur at, or around 0000 Zulu.

Our controllers are volunteers, and will not be able to staff all of the airports all the time. We’ll try our best, but we cannot guarantee an airport to be open at a certain time.

TSATC is not affiliated with IFATC, though you should go and check them out! They provide excellent Expert Server ATC!

Credits to Tyler_Shelton for the post format. :)

Tailwinds Tuesday Sydney Sanity! @ YSSY - 130000ZFEB18

Get better Jake! Looks great anyways :)


Thanks @Chris_Hoover! :)


Feel better Jake! Make sure to get some rest. Great schedule!


Feel better! I have a cold right now…


@ArvinA320 - Wow! Thank you! You just totally made my day. :)


Proud to start my first week as a TSATC Officer!


Looking forward to controlling in my first week!



Here you go jake, here is a virtual bowl of “Alpha”bet soup. Anyways great schedule! Might stop in a day or two to see how the ATC is!


I’m going to love Saturday flying over the Arabian Sea


Controlling EGKK now! Be sure to come around and fly some patterns.

EDIT: Closed at 1551Z. Lots of traffic today, including IFATC members!


I am now open at EGSS! :)


Great to see some traffic over here at EGSS! Come and join me!


EGPH now open. Come fly

Edit: Closed, thanks to all who came!


EIDW now open! Fly some pattern or depart to other airports!

EDIT: Closed because my iPad keeps dying. Sorry!


Now open at CYYZ. Come and fly some patterns, or do a long haul! :)


CYVR now open. Come fly.

EDIT: Closed.


NOTE: I Am A TSATC Controller, not a random…
Open at CYYZ

ETA: an hour I will be open



This week’s Friday Night Flight has been posted! Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow! :)


Hi, I sent in an application and I haven’t gotten a response.