TSATC Schedule 26th August - 1st September

TSATC Schedule 26th August - 1st September

Regional Changes happen at 0600z. TSATC can not ensure that there will be continuous ATC coverage at the airports listed below

Featured Airports

Sochi (URSS), Moscow (UUEE), Kazan (UWKD), Domodevodo (UUDD)
Featured Airline: Aeroflot

London (EGLL), Helsinki (EFHK), Dublin (EIDW), Gatwick (EGKK)
Featured Airline: British Airways

Athens (LGAV), Rome (LIRF), Chania (LGSA), Sicily (LICJ)
Featured Airline: Alitalia

Munich (EDDM), Frankfurt (EDFF), Zurich (LSZH), Paris (LFPG)
Featured Airline: Lufthansa

Event Info posted Friday

Madrid (LEMD), Gibraltar (LXGB), Lisbon (LPPT), Barcelona (LEBL)
Featured Airline: Iberia

Europe | ATC Choice!
Featured Theme: Commercial

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Last Weeks Schedule!

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Uh oh…👀


That will be funny!

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cant wait for it

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Do your Controllers use `TSATC’ before their name?

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Today is the day and I just saw it handled by @patrickv

“Handled” is a strong word since I have trolls that go onto the runway and stop, request for takeoff, then hold there for ages. 27L is incredibly slow because of 'em.

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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 3 hours unless flagged)

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So you have a TSATC and IATC? Only difference is that TSATC is on TS, which cannot ghost or report somebody.

While IATC is on the ES, and can ghost and report somebody?

Correct me if I am wrong :-)!

IFATC can ghost and report TSATC can not.

Sashaz55 TSATC Chief recruiter.

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TSATC isn’t as regulated as IFATC. I, for example, amn’t a member of TSATC and can control on the Training Server. The rest is correct.

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Yeah, patrick is kinda right, there is no point of TSATC kinda if nobody listens.

@Menthesuphisth @Nicholas_Henry

TSATC’s goal is to provide a decent “Good” level of service to pilots on the training server. @Menthesuphisth you are correct, our controller’s cannot report or ghost any pilot. We provide ATC services to improve the experience on the training server, and to prepare pilots for the expert server, and how to use ATC properly whilst flying. We also have controller’s who join IFATC afterwards. They join TSATC to learn how to send the correct ATC commands properly and become a more experienced controller.

Please in future, discuss these types of comments in a PM between you. If you wish to provide feedback to TSATC then I can send you the form to complete.

Thank you.

HR Director for TSATC


Thanks for the information!

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