TSATC Schedule 22nd - 28th July

TSATC Schedule 22nd - 28th July

Regional Changes happen at 0600z. TSATC can not ensure that there will be continuous ATC coverage at the airports listed below

Featured Airports

Sydney (YSSY), Nadi (NFFN), Port Vila (NVVV), Noumea (NWWW)
Featured Theme: Island Hopping

Los Angeles (KLAX), San Francisco (KSFO), New York JFK (KJFK), Miami (KMIA)
Featured Airline: American Airlines | Featured Theme: Trans-Continental Flying

Manchester (EGCC), Cologne (EDDK), Vienna (LOWW), Lisbon (LPPT)
Featured Airline: EasyJet

Singapore (WSSS), Hong Kong (VHHH), Tokyo Narita (RJAA), Manila (RPLL)
Featured Theme: Low-Cost Asian Flying

Event Info posted Friday

Molokai (PHMK), Kahului (PHOG), Kona (PHKO, Hilo (PHTO)
Featured Theme: Weekend GA Flying

Gisborne (NZGS), Queenstown (NZQN), Whangarei (NZWR), Greymouth (NZGM)
Featured Theme: Weekend GA Flying

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Last Weeks Schedule!

This thread was made in conjunction with @VAnuj & @Connor.

Connor is unable to post the schedule this week due to a lack of access to his computer.


I’ll be sure to fly in to LAX to get some quality ATC tomorrow.
Amazing thread guys!

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Good luck with that!


I wonder how TSATC’s planning to fight all the other people for ATC…

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We will find a way.

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Give them some cash and tell them to control EGLL instead

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Do you have any qualified TSATC apr/dep controllers esp for KLAX !

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Im here🤷🏽‍♂️

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