TSATC Schedule | 16-22 December 2019

Regional Changes happen at 0600z. TSATC can not ensure that there will be continuous ATC coverage at the airports listed below

Featured Airports | Weekly Theme - 19.4!

This weeks explanation

This past Monday, the Infinite Flight team released update 19.4. In this update, we got the following:

  • Working TBM cockpit
  • Reworked C172
  • New A320 liveries
  • Airbus A350
  • And much more!
    All of the above aircraft are featured in this weeks schedule as the featured aircraft at least once, and have corresponding airports that day for the featured airline and aircraft. For example, on Monday, the main airport is WSSS, and then the others are WMKK, EHAM, and VHHH. The routes for that day are WSSS-WMKK, WSSS-EHAM, & WSSS-VHHH. We hope you enjoy this weeks schedule and 19.4!

WSSS (Singapore), WMKK (Kuala Lumpur), EHAM (Amsterdam), VHHH (Hong Kong)
Featured Aircraft: Singapore Airlines A350

KAPA (Denver), PAEN (Kenai), KSBA (Santa Barbara), KTIW (Tacoma)
Featured Aircraft: C172

EHFK (Helsinki), Dubai (OMDB), Brussels (EBBR), Ho Chi Minh City (VVTS)
Featured Aircraft: Finnair A350

LGAV (Athens), EDDF (Frankfurt), LFPG (Paris - Not Mapped), LEMD (Madrid)
Featured Aircraft: Aegean Airlines A320

Event Info posted Friday

ATC Choice - Italy, France, & Greece (Not Mapped)
Featured Aircraft: TBM 930

OTHH (Doha), EGLL (London), LOWW (Vienna), LTFM (Istanbul)
Featured Aircraft: Qatar A350

Last Weeks Schedule!

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Have fun everyone

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You made my day and my whole week, sir. :)

Iā€™m a simple man. I see EHAM, I fly.

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