TSATC Schedule 15-21st July

TSATC Schedule 15th - 21st July

Regional Changes happen at 0600z. TSATC can not ensure that there will be continuous ATC coverage at the airports listed below

Featured Airports

PAHO (Homer), PADQ (Kodiak), PACD (Cold Bay) , PADU (Unalaska)
Theme: XCub Day 1

NZCH (Christchurch), NZNS (Nelson), NZOH (Ohakea), NZWR (Whangarei)
Theme: XCub Day 2

EGCC (Manchester) , EGKK (Gatwick), LPMA (Madeira) , LPTT (Lisbon)
Featured Airline:TUIFly

ATC Choice - Mexico
Featured Airline: Aeromexico

Sydney (YSSY), Melbourne (YMML), Darwin (YPDN), Perth (YPPH)
Featured Airline: Virgin Australia

VABB (Mumbai), VIDP (New Delhi), VOMM (Chennai), VECC (Kolkata)
Featured Airline: Air India

Seoul (RKSI), Busan (RKPK), Daegu (RKTN), Pohang (RKTH)
Theme: Private

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Last Weeks Schedule!

This thread was made in conjunction with @VAnuj & @Kacey.


First, I love what you guys are aiming to provide and really appreciate the time you give for others to have a better experience on the training server.

My suggestion, having been searching for the schedule a couple of times in the past is to tag the schedule post. I understand that it may not be possible to pin the post, but if the weekly schedule post was tagged with #tsatcschedule or similar it would save a lot of scrolling through the ATC category to find it. What do you think?

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IMHO…it would be nice if you had one day out of the seven always dedicated to the U.S with at least one Bravo and several C and D class airports for the GA crowd !

We’ve had ATC inside the US at TSATC for every schedule, we are moving away from having the US everything


Can I open some frequency without belonging to TSATC?

TSATC only controls at locations listed in our schedule. You are more than welcome to open elsewhere. We do not control the ATC in TS

What is the thread to join TSATC? I’m interested

Here you are.

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