TSATC Schedule 12th-18th August

TSATC Schedule 12th - 18th August

Regional Changes happen at 0600z. TSATC can not ensure that there will be continuous ATC coverage at the airports listed below

Featured Airports

Orlando (KMCO), Jacksonville (KJAX), Tampa (KTPA), Fort Lauderdale (KFLL)
Featured Airline: Spirit

Keflavik (BIKF), Manchester (EGCC), Dublin (EIDW), Amsterdam (EHAM)
Featured Airline: Icelandair

ATC Choice!
Featured Airline: Virgin Australia

Auckland (NZAA), Wellington (NZWN), Christchurch (NZCH), Queenstown (NZQN)
Featured Airline: Air New Zealand

Event Info posted Friday

Narita (RJAA), Haneda (RJTT), Fukoka (RJFF), Osaka (RJBB)
Featured Airline: ANA

Vancouver (CYVR), Montreal (CYUL), Calgary (CYYC), Toronto (CYYZ)
Featured Airline: Air Canada

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Last Weeks Schedule!

This thread was made in conjunction with @VAnuj and @Connor


Good! We really want to fly more on TS with it!

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Must be pinned 😍😜

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I have doubts…
If they meet the airports every day? Or is it some group that controls?
I honestly don’t see them at the corresponding airports, maybe I’m wrong


The problem is that on TS all aircrafts are in LAX or EGLL… I think the ATC will not be very useful

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I like to control a lot in TS, as I prepare for IFATC, every week I see this schedule, I enter the corresponding airport and I never see anyone. Could it be that nobody sees this picture? That’s why I asked if it is a group that controls or is open to all


I think we can try it and if everyone hope in it all will change and it will become great for thoses who like ATC but aren’t IFATC!

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The change to this week schedule happens in 15 minutes as of this post being written - it changes at 0600Z

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do you have to apply to be part of

oh wait I applied

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for some presence at EIDW, EGCC and EHAM tomorrow then, covers a few of my VA’s regional routes and we should be able to provide some traffic :)

Keep up the good work!

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I want to join TSATC and I requested it but I didn’t got a response and it’s two and a half days ago what should I do?

Pm either @Connor or @VAnuj.

They should help you out.

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