TSATC Schedule 1-7 July

TSATC Schedule 1st - 7th July

Regional Changes happen at 0600z. TSATC can not ensure that there will be continuous ATC coverage at the airports listed below

Featured Airports

Hawaii - ATC Choice
Featued Airline: Hawaiian Airlines

Delhi Indira Gandhi (VIDP), Kathmandu (VNKT), Tenzing Hillary Lukla (VNLK)
Theme: Turboprop Adventures

Anchorage (PANC), Fairbanks (PAFA), Seattle Tacoma (KSEA), Portland (KPDX)
Featured Airline: Alaskan Airlines

Washington National (KDCA), Boston Logan (KBOS), Philadelphia (KPHL)
Featured Airline: American Airlines / Fourth of July Celebrations

Billings Logan (KBIL), Helena (KHLN), Missoula (KMSO)
Theme: GA Mountain Flying

Frankfurt (EDDF), Munich (EDDM), Cologne (EDDK)
Featured Airline: Lufthansa

Tokyo Narita (RJAA), Osaka (RJBB), Fukuoka (RJFF), Nagoya (RJGG)
Featured Airline: All Nippon Airways

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Last Weeks Schedule!

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Lookin’ Good!

Looks like I’m the only one in control in these places

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