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I like how I apply days ago and nothing happens 😑

I like how you joined the forum for a while and still don’t understand when should something be dealt with in pm for not


Since TSATC is now reaching new levels, with many people wanting to join, we had to expand our training crew and staff. We are proud to introduce @The_Initial_Virus and @Koby_Thomas to the staff team, as well as to the training team! He is radar qualified on IFATC and will be a major part of our training. We also have introduced a new ranking system, so after training, each controller will have to pass a practical to move up to the next level. We have multiple levels currently, ranging from the basic level, where controllers can only control Class Charlie airports, to Radar qualified, where controllers can control anything from ground and tower at Class Bravo airports to radar at those airports. We also cover anything in between. We introduced this system to make sure that everyone was controlling an airport that they can control. While our main goal is to improve controller’s skill and hopefully ready them for IFATC, we also strive to provide realism to all Grade 2 and above pilots on the Training Server.

Also, we have a new system for applying. Since we have had issues with the online application process, we’ll be handling all new applications through PMs only. Please PM @William_Armstrong for now if you want to join TSATC. Thank you so much for your interest and we hope that you can join TSATC very soon!


Hello everyone. I am sad to announce that we will be closing our doors at TSATC due to lack of interest and CEO resignation. We thank everyone who supported and joined us, and we hope to continue professional controlling outside of TSATC. See you all in the skies!


The TSATC Team