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I took the written test and no one responded after I posted my passing score.

I passed the written test but never got the in game test…

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You both got replies. Thanks for your applications!

Will I get a reply any time soon? (Not trying to be rude btw)


I am running an event this Thursday ((FINISHED) Wizz Air VA - Recruiment Event / LandingCompetition @LHBP - 151900ZFEB18 (More Gates Available)) and i desperately need some ATC for it, its done on TS so IFATC controllers have said they cannot do it. Check the event page for timing and if you can control.

Many Thanks

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I may be able to help.

Sadly, we cannot help you. This week’s schedule has already been made, and on Thursday we are covering Canada. If you want us to cover another one of your events, please PM me at least a week in advance of your event, so I can fit it in the schedule. Thanks! :)

Or you sure no one could possibly do it, it would only take 30min…

Check your thread…

Sorry mate, but we have to stick to our schedule. That’s the rule here.

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Ok i understand, Thanks anyway :-)

I applied on the website, but never PMed.

@William_Armstrong @RealAviation1974

I gotcha. Sending in 2


@RealAviation1974 congrats on your success with TSATC. I just came across your thread for the first time, glad to know that you are here. I am the Events Manager for AF-KLM Virtual and will definitely be getting in touch in the future for ATC support.

Also, I know it’s within the 7-day cut-off, but I wanted to put an upcoming AF-KLM event this Saturday at 2000z on your radar just in case you or someone from your team can provide services. Thank you!


Thank you so much for your kind words! I’ll put it on the radar.


Well, now we are but…


I got contacted by @William_Armstrong but was out of town…do I have to reapply or just wait for a test date

@Jeodanie_Smith Please PM him.

If anyone on the TSATC team is up for a challenge, AF-KLM VA and DLVA currently have 50 planes inbound to KSLC on the Training Server. We would love approach service if possible. We are about 3hr from destination. Thanks!

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