TSATC | Providing ATC Excellence for Training Server

Come out to support JetBlue today! We have controllers who are controlling all over!


Awesome idea, I really hope it goes well. I am sure you’ll provide superb ATC service however I fear that the pilots won’t provide you with the service of flying very well


I think this is a fantastic idea!

It would be great to really see the training server rise up and become a more refined experience for those who are really training to enter the expert level or gain a great understanding of aviation through the Infinite Flight Simulator. I know this is hopeful.

But… having a schedule like this on the training server will create consistency which benefits and increases the level of experience of the training server pilots. And remember, these are the pilots entering the expert server as well, which obviously has become more of an issue recently.

The larger that this community can grow, on the ATC side and pilot side, means the more behaved the training server will become. Which I believe in turn will show the “uninformed pilots” on the training server that there is a convention and standard to follow, and even more importantly a community to join!

Excited for this!


Thanks for your support! :)

Next week’s schedule is up! :)


Our new schedule is up! :)

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@jakevaz423 I applied! :)

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I applied also @jakevaz423

I also applied but is there some sort of way of communicating between each other (e.g Slack or discord?)

We have a Slack. Has someone replied to your application yet?

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I only just submitted my application so no

Okay. I’ll review it now

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I took the written test and no one responded after I posted my passing score.

I passed the written test but never got the in game test…

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You both got replies. Thanks for your applications!

Will I get a reply any time soon? (Not trying to be rude btw)


I am running an event this Thursday ((FINISHED) Wizz Air VA - Recruiment Event / LandingCompetition @LHBP - 151900ZFEB18 (More Gates Available)) and i desperately need some ATC for it, its done on TS so IFATC controllers have said they cannot do it. Check the event page for timing and if you can control.

Many Thanks

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I may be able to help.

Sadly, we cannot help you. This week’s schedule has already been made, and on Thursday we are covering Canada. If you want us to cover another one of your events, please PM me at least a week in advance of your event, so I can fit it in the schedule. Thanks! :)

Or you sure no one could possibly do it, it would only take 30min…