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Welcome to TSATC! We provide quality ATC service, for the Training Server.

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Who We Are

We are three people, together “The Three Musketeers”, and our goal is to make the community a better and more realistic experience for all. IFATC is the result of thousands of hard work by great people and staff, so the three of us wanted to bring the same experience to those on the Training Server.
Whether you are someone who is training for the Expert Server and would like some assistance with training, or you simply don’t have the time for the Expert Server, have no fear! TSATC will bring you professional ATC, just like the Expert Server.

How it works

You can apply on our website at if-tsatc.weebly.com, under the apply tab. You can also contact one of our recruiters, @RealAviation1974 or @William_Armstrong, via PM, and they will tell you the next steps. Our application process consists of a basic written test and a short practical.
Once you are accepted, depending on your entrance score, one of our trainers will contact you and help you with training. Through the training time, you can control Class Charlie airports that are included in the schedule, but you after 4 days of training, you can run by us to start controlling Class Bravo airports.

Our Staff

CEO - @RealAviation1974
Staff/Scheduling - @jakevaz423
Staff/Recruiting - @William_Armstrong

Where Will We Be?

Every week, like IFATC, we will release a schedule of where we will be operating for the week! We do take event requests, but they must be made at least a week in advance, so we can try to fit it into our schedule. More info on that can be found on our website.

The schedule for this week is now active! Check it out here:

TSATC is not affiliated with IFATC, but you should go and check them out. They provide awesome ATC for the Expert Server!

We are IFVARB approved!


We have gotten approval to post this in #live:atc instead of #live:va, as we are more of an ATC Group and less of a VA.


Did Tyler shut down the past IFTSATC?!? This shall be interesting and fun for the community!


Yes, the past TSATC was closed I believe. I do not know for what reason it’s closure was though.


I’ve heard. I think the reason was because the lack of control, etc, but I’m not sure… As staff, we will try our best to prevent that from happening.


Our first schedule for this week! Come and support us and fly the day’s colors!

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Tyler has approved this prior to it also being approved by IFVARB. They have a good set up and hopefully they’ll last.


Interesting concept you have here which will play out good in my mind, thinking of applying/may already have


Really great idea you have here! I would love to be a part of this so I have applied!

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I did not shut it down. It was simply mismanaged and activity quickly diminished. Good luck this time! 🙂


Who is mentoring the training this group is giving to ensure that appropriate training is being given for those aspiring to become ifatc?


@RealAviation1974 and @William_Armstrong. :)

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Are they IFATC, @jakevaz423?

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Nope, but @William_Armstrong just passed his written!

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So my question is…who is overseeing that appropriate training is being given?

I ask because I think that training for IFATC should be left to the ones who are officially supposed to provide it to ensure that the training is appropriate and correct…unless there is a IFATC mentor in this group?

I could always be a step off with my thought process though…

Please know I’m not shutting down the idea, just asking the questions…


Oh! That’s what you are talking about. I got a little confused there, sorry. We are not providing official IFATC training, but we try to give the trainee tips and tricks on how to better operate ATC.

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OK. My suggestion is to be careful with any sort of tips or tricks you are providing and to make sure that they are correct.

And also understand once you are in IFATC, I’m fairly certain any affiliations with this will need to go bye-bye.

Although I think @dush19 needs all the help he can get…


We don’t have any affiliations with anyone, as clearly stated in the first post. As per our training, we will try our best that it be similar to that of IFATC, and the content we teach them will also be hopefully correct. We are also considering getting a trainer, but we shall see how that goes.

And if Dush needs any help, he can join TSATC while controlling on Expert

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I think this is a good idea, but i think there should be a little bit closer involvement in those that are running and leading to work with the IFATC training program a bit and learn some things from them.

Also, i think it’d be good for you guys to get with some of the VA’s that are IFVARB approved and work with them with events. We at DLVA have an ATC group, but would be happy to get good service when we can if needed as well. I’m sure other VA’s wouldnt mind working together as well.


That’s where our “Request ATC” Option on our website comes in! :)