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About Us

TSATC was founded on Jul 29th 2019, since then we have gone through multiple staff changes including a new CEO and multiple new recruiters. We have changed to become a whole different experience to control on the Training Server.

How It Works?

Once a week one of our schedule managers will publish a new thread like the IFATC schedule. This is where you come in! you will control at the airport on the schedule and post that on our Slack. To control radar you must be approved by one of our radar certified controllers.

Our Staff:

CEO: @Connor

Hey, I’m Connor! I started off in TSATC as a Scheduling Manager, after some internal tossle I ended up as COO. I then took CEO last month. I have slowly began the process of improving and make TSATC better than ever. I’m free all day and can respond whenever!

COO: Vacant

This could be you!

Apply using the link below!

Chief Recruiter: @Sashaz55

Hello 👋 there my name is Sasha I’m the Chief recruiter for TSATC I started out as a member and I’m climbing my way up! I’m free after school if you need me!

Recruiter: @Abudy

Hi! My name is Abudy, one of the recruiters for TSATC! I am working with TSATC to make the training server a better and more realistic place. I am in charge of recruiting new members, feel free to ask me anything!

Recruiter: @Benrdutch

Hello my name is Ben along with Abudy I am in charge of recruiting new, talented ATC personnel. If you have any questions related to the sign up system either tag me @Benrdutch or DM me!

Head of Scheduling: @Kacey

Hey there! I’m Kacey, the Head of Scheduling at TSATC. I am in charge of the schedules that you see pop up on the IFC every Sunday. I’ve had a passion for aviation since I was 2. I’m available for the majority of the day and can answer any questions you may have in regards to the schedule. See you around!

Schedule Manager: @VAnuj

Hello! My name is Anuj, and I’m a scheduling manager here at TSATC. I loved the way ATC works and especially planning and formatting things for the threads, and working with the amazing TSATC team to get these amazing schedules up and running. I’m excited to help out here and I know with this great team I’ll enjoy every moment of it.

Controller Requirements:

  • 13 Years of age
  • At least 500 operations
  • Higher then Grade 2
  • Must be TL1 (Basic) on the IFC

The Recruitment Process:

Once you have applied one of our recruiters will contact you and schedule a time to do a practical examination of at least 2 aircraft to test your ATC skills and that’s it how simple is that?

Need help?

Check out the tutorials in #tutorials:atc!

TSATC has been approved by Tyler.


That’s why we’ve added this new form. So applications can start from fresh

Just reapply. We’ll make sure you are gotten to ASAP

Via DM within the next 12-24 hours. A recruiter will be with you


Application Notice

Please do not use the application link on the website. Please only apply using the Apply Link on the main thread. We do not have access to the form. Applications have been written down but please apply using the link in the thread.

COO Application

COO Applications close in 5 days! Be sure to get your application in soon!


TSATC has gone under some major staffing changes in the past 24 hours. Our CEO, @Connor, has resigned from his position with immediate effect. The staff at TSATC will be deciding on a new CEO in the coming days.

As well as this, @Sashaz55 has resigned from his position of Chief Recruiter. @Benrdutch will be taking his position.

Please note: During this period applications are not suspended.


Stand by for that fresh thread smell.