TSATC Needs Your Help

Hello Everyone,
Because of an influx in controllers joining TSATC we often find ourselves short of pilots for training sessions and practicals. This is why we are asking for YOUR help.

How It Works
A trainer will post here with the details for the session. These details include the Airport, Time and Server. We ask that you then pm the trainer for more details.

We ask you to follow all of the following rules while volunteering:

  • Obey all instructions
  • Fly in a professional manner
  • Only use certain aircraft (B737, A320 Family, Citation)
  • Fly normal traffic patterns (2000 ft above field elevation, less than 250 kts)
  • Please send any feedback to the trainer and not the controller

Trainer List

The TSATC Training Team thanks you for your help!



We also ask that you do not respond to this thread to keep it clean, thanks!

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In 20 minutes I need a few people for a practical.
Airport will likely be KFLL.
PM me if you’re available


No more people needed. Thanks to all that joined!

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Pilots are needed for a practical right now. Airport will be KFLL. PM me for details

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We now all pilots needed. Thanks to those who volunteered!

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Pilots are needed for a session in 20 minutes (19:55Z) pm for details

EDIT no more needed