TSATC must have active runways in display name

TheTraining server is the one and only go to place for learning ATC and how to deal with ATC in IF .
Most people who want to fly casually in a low traffic area for patternwork or practice fly here.

ATC here is confusing becoz of many reasons but one of that is the Active Rwy confusion.(E.g Tower departures 07L,R but approach leads all aircraft to 25R or N327MB requests takeoff from 25L when the active Rwy is 07R)

Now since there’s no ATIS , why not add the RWY to the display name like
IFC abcde 25LR
(Only when controlling an airport in TS)
This will make it clear that RWY25L and 25R is active and make it easy for coordination between approach,Tower and Ground and the aircraft’s in these frequencies (atleast to those who follow ATC instructions) and this can also eliminate the problem of aircrafts requesting inactive RWYS for takeoff, landing or approach in ground ,tower and approach frequencies respectively .

Just a suggestion. Pls feel free to correct me if this is not such a good idea

I’m sorry if a topic relating to this was already created . Mods, please close the topic if so .

Thank you

If I am understanding correctly, you are making a feature request for people to change their display name?

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Yes 😀,only when controlling an airport in TS .

It’s the training server and pilots there are to train so they may not know much. It is meant to be a free environment. Also users can choose their display name when controlling on the TS and it is not needed for a feature request for it as many wouldn’t listen anyways. Feature requests are like for example “I want this livery to be added” or I want this feature. This isn’t really needed for a feature request.
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It is up to the mods though

Maybe it’s better just adding ATIS to training server

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Yep people are there to train so wouldn’t it be nice to provide them with a environment that has all that they need . They might not know what runway to land or takeoff from and might assume things which are not correct .

But yeah the disadvantage would be losing cool names but still for pilots it’s the least ATC can do 😉

That would be the pro version of this request 😅

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I think this is what you want?

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It’s going to be really hard to implement. The issue won’t be solved even with this, people will still want to go to the other side of the runway. Most are inexperienced too.

If we have ATIS in training server:
Anyone can be a controller on the training server. Pretty sure people will just end up clicking everything. Additionally, some Pilots on training server may not know about ATIS. Inexperience on training server is what makes it hard for ATIS to be implemented there.

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Yeah ATIS is hard to implement . Imagine if someone goes to ATIS and says Gate hold and leaves it like that for 30min 😅
So instead of something like Gate hold , no intersecting dep which seems complex adding a basic Active Rwy just gives one the idea of what Rwy to plan for takeoff or landing .
This won’t eliminate anything but will try to do so.

While taking up approach when tower is active , we will know what Rwy to lead the aircraft to instead of assuming.

Almost !!!
Thank you

Yes that’s a good idea too.

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I’m not so sure.

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I mean the problem of the some aircraft requesting inactive rwys in TS .
(Sorry and thank you just edited it !! )

also the feature will not completely solve the problem but will try to

Or ever a atis on ts with reduced functions so you can only set the active runways and a few other bits


I guess that would be fine too 😀 but till that time display can help …

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