Can you be a part of both?

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No, IFATC controllers are not permitted to control on Training Server.


Ok so IFATC is more precious than TSATC?

Did you mean prestigious?

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TSATC is for Training. IFATC is for expert. Neither can control on each other’s servers.

Like more status or like harder to get into

Yes, I’d assume so. IFATC is an organization run by IF, so yes.
It is also on the Expert server.

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Ok, thanks

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IFATC requires a written and practical test to be passed to the standard expected of an IFATC controller.

Also within IFATC, you have the opportunity to progress through the ranks. When you first join you will start of as an ATC Apprentice where you can control Class Charlie airports or below, and then rank up to specialist which allows you to control all Class Bravo airfields and below.

After 60 days of being a specialist you also have the opportunity to commence radar training to become qualified to control approach and departure frequencies.


Ok I understand now, thank you @Declan_O

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You can’t be in a training server group and in the recruiting process for the IFATC. Have a read of this post:

Wait so if you are apart of IFATC, you cannot control in general on the Training Server (not even when you aren’t apart of TSATC)?

IFATC must not control on the Training Server. Via the ATC Manual.

11.3.3 Controlling on the Training Server is only authorized for controllers that have met the requirements for upgrade to the rank of Officer (see 2.3.1 above), and have STARTED their Radar Training with a Trainer.


No because IFATC can ghost on Training.

We can’t control Tower and Ground on that server (why would we want to).


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