TSA - Please don't bring this with you in your check luggage

Federal officials say they’ve found a missile launcher in a man’s luggage at the airport in Baltimore.

The Transportation Security Administration said in a statement that the military grade weapon was located in the man’s checked luggage at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.

TSA officers called airport police who found the man and detained him for questioning. The unidentified traveler said he was in the military and coming home from Kuwait. He said he wanted to keep the weapon as a souvenir.

The TSA said the missile launcher was “not a live device.” But it was handed over to the state fire marshal for disposal.

The man lives in Jacksonville, Texas, which is about 115 miles east of Dallas. He was ultimately allowed to catch his flight home.

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I’m not surprised. BWI often receives a high number of unqualified gun cases every month, due to the distance between the city and the airport. Interesting story, and now all of you understand to not pack a missile


Unless you pack it correctly ;)


Heard this on the news this afternoon and kind of chuckled


Darn, I can’t bring my FIM-92 Stinger!

I’m joking, I am most definitely not a terrorist.


Welcome to the Watch list!


This guy wasn’t so lucky. I forgot I packed my rocket propelled grenade launcher, but than I remembered that I did the the airport entrance.it was kinda old so I just threw it in the garbage can.

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Gotta love BWI.
Betcha that soldier was coming back on the Kuwait flight on an Omni B772

Wouldn’t be surprised!

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Can’t tell if you’re joking or not

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I can’t tell if you are.

The man lives in Texas and wants a weapon as a souvenir. It explains a lot. Texas has people who love interesting things.

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Hashtag Merica!


Yep I am a Texan and people do have some fun stuff. I know someone who has a metal armadillo in his front yard lol.


We’re heading that way shortly (moving south), and I am going to ask if we can have a metal armadillo in our front yard.


There’s a really big metal armadillo in Glasgow.


This isn’t Fortnite

My first reaction was “How dumb can you be?” but I started to laugh. This is a ridiculous story, in a funny way. My dad says the same and he is in fact a TSA officer.

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