TSA Considering Removing Screening From Smaller Airports

Im more of addressing it to what is deemed a stimulant. There are legal and medically prescribed stimulants that passengers do carry that are classified as stimulants and illegal drugs outside of a prescription. In addition, caffeine in its pure form is highly potent is a stimulant and legal to be carried on aircraft. Thus that sign is incorrect. The sign makes an a invalid claim that anything that is classified by the FDA as a stimulant is illegal to transport on aircraft.

What this sign is saying is that any transportation of said items is illegal when in fact that is false.

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Yeah, I’d say that’s an accurate personal observation.

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How best to destroy an entire civilization- tear each other apart from the inside.

Basically Cap 3: Civil War in a nutshell.


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All that aside, there has been a few times where TSA agents have been quite lenient, like I brought over the 3oz fluid limit and nothing happened. There’s also been times where I’ve forgotten stuff like my camera (recent trip), jacket, and shoes and nothing has happened.


Honestly i feel like TSA feels (if this report is true) that nothing major has happened since 9/11 and that they should leave their guard down i feel this is a bad idea i personally think it is tragedy waiting to happen. although this will reduce lines i feel it is not worth it

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When I hear TSA I say theater security

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Found this documentary of how terrorists snuck a bomb on a plane and completely infiltrated the security. The bomb failed to explode, and that’s the only reason the plane landed safely.

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Let’s just pause here for a minute. Right now, it says a key word that I see people skipping. Considering. This doesn’t mean it will or won’t happen. Let’s just keep that in mind.


Sure it’d be nice if we didn’t have to deal with TSA, but I don’t think Im the only one that feels much safer knowing they’ve checked everyone in the airport.


I might be in the minority here, but I actually think this is a smart move if implemented.

For one, staffing those employees at smaller regional airports is more expensive due to location and other employment related factors. And getting the latest tech in terms of screening or updating airport infrastructure to meet the latest security requirements may be cost prohibitive.

There’s also the notion that the TSA isn’t very good at what they do, there have been numerous articles released over the last several years stating that when the TSA conducted undercover tests on its own employees, they were able to sneak by around 95% of the explosives or other such devices through security. So not a great metric of success, considering how we have to take literally everything out of our bags, we have to remove our shoes, our belt, our jackets, etc. , so you would think that it should be pretty easy to detect a threat. So given that level of failure, I don’t feel that it justifies the hassle and the energy just to feel “safer” Do you really feel any safer or better knowing the people who are supposedly supposed to prevent terrorism or any event similar, are way under performing in their duties. “Feel safer” is the result of the post 9/11 world where every individual is taken/considered a possible threat, and I feel like that’s utterly ridiculous, especially when you consider the number of people traveling through our airports today compared to the number of threats and the ratio is minuscule.

So from that stand point, if so much energy and resources are being spent to provide pretty woeful security, whats the point? And furthermore, what are they guarding/protecting us against? 9/11 or any event similar to that is a once in a multi-generation event, and the chances of such a thing happening on that magnitude are next to nothing. Even the underwear bomber, who wasn’t successful in his attempt, or the shoe bomber, hasn’t been replicated.

The work of security needs to be more targeted and fine-tuned, and part of that effort could be in expanding the teams within the FBI who work in and around the “no fly list” which prevents people who are deemed a threat from boarding a commercial airliner in the United States. Invest more money and resources into those areas, after all, catching them beforehand is a lot better than catching them at the airport, or not even catching them at all.


Seeing “Considering” is better then nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

Also this is very true.

Keyword here folks is “considering”. Security and safety is extremely when it comes to aviation and the use of aviation for public transportation.

Benefits of the TSA will likely outweigh the drawbacks that may have arose.

A lot of the discussions that were posted in here would be better suited for PM. And I’m just going to say this, this was a headache of a topic. This could’ve been a good discussion but the vibe that I’m getting is not the greatest.

Hopefully folks won’t get so heated regarding a topic similar as this.