TSA Considering Removing Screening From Smaller Airports

Never had this question when I go over there from a Government official. They ask why I’m there and how long my stay is and that’s that.

Is asking about a car rental company going to detect a terrorist from an innocent civilian?
“I used Hertz.
“I used EasyRent.” (Made up company for sake of simplicity)
“Oh, the one who used easyrent is the terrorist. Detained!”

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I agree that heavy security should take place as soon as a connection is made onto a bigger airport, but judging by what you’re saying, you mean to say that I want to create a way for terrorists and unwanted passengers to enter onto a large flight by going through a small airport. That’s not at all what I want. I’m saying that for connecting flights the should be screening, but it should be privatised.

I don’t mean to be personal and I don’t want a forum ban for this so don’t take it the wrong way

How often do you visit the US? I don’t see why they would disclose this info to anyone. It can be just as random as a hat draw, or they know who they’re looking for.

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What you said makes no sense, that’s not why they ask them lol

I feel like I’m having a flashback to this topic last year:

May the force be with you IFC, I hope we persevere through this because I have some hope.

Did somebody call a fireman?

Oh and for the record, I’m going to be the first to say that this topic will reach 1,000 comments by tomorrow morning. It’s 10pm here


I flew Delta which was a U.S. airline. They have different protocol than Icelandair.

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If it wasn’t random also then you are going to get people moaning so it’s mixed with who homeland want the checks and just random people, also at the scanners it will randomly beep after a few people walk through just as a precaution for them to be checked by an officer, this is also random.

He idea currently is according to the CNN documents, baggage and travelers would be screaned at arrival. This would require connecting passengers to be screened at their connecting airport.

Gotcha, I thought you meant a Government agent asked you those questions.

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Yet again it’s not privatised though. It still is managed by the TSA which is inherently security theatre.

I’m just saying, at any point in an airport you can be asked any sort of question by any official personnel. Doesn’t mean it makes the traveler safer.

I have global entry so I don’t think I would be a target 😏

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Do you think that private security isn’t going to be the same?!? Private companies are corrupt as well, there is no possible way to prevent all weapons from going through checkpoint if it is TSA or private.


Never know, your travels could take you to some shady places!

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I got grilled by the CBP agent when coming back from Cuba even when using Global Entry. Same with Morocco and Maldives.


Private companies at least don’t take money from your average taxpayer and only from the consumer, which, if you can afford a flight, you can probably afford a small extra fee to pay for security.

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Just like ATC in the UK it’s done this way and it works, the US however tends to have a hard time managing them and it always ends up with the government being exploited so I don’t see it working as easily but elsewhere it’s extremely successful, maybe the size of the country makes it far harder?

Which you already do pay, if you ever look closely at your total cost you do pay a tax

You guys realize that you are getting into international arrivals and customs etc., we are talking about TSA.