TSA Considering Removing Screening From Smaller Airports

Saw this on the news just now. My personal opinion is that terrorists could potentially use this to breach security at other larger airports like they did to sneak a bomb on a plane to Detroit (I think).

What are your thoughts on this?


That’s fine
Several villages that Alaska Airlines flies to here in the State has TSA and is absolutely worthless.


The obvious concern I see with this is, lets say that someone gets on a plane at an unscrened airport, and is conecting on a flight to anchorage, and keeps going, before you know they are on an A380 with never being screened…

So would those flights arive as international flights, or have somekind of screening upon landing?


So I see this both ways… TSA wouldnt remove screening totally but they would just use lower (cheaper) technology like just a simple hand wand. They may also cut back on the personnel.

If it is a total removal, then I see that as a huge breach. It should be like some Executive Airports where you check in and get a small screening


They just need get rid of TSA over all, they suck at their job anyways


Well, there hasn’t been a terrorist attack in the US since 9/11, so I suppose they’re doing just fine. This is a pretty interesting video about airport security:


I think they don’t realize that terroists are gonna start hijacking regional flights to big hubs and crash them into a building

They fail 95% of their test


In my opinion, this is a great move by the governing body. TSA is mostly security theatre rather than active security so by eliminating screening at some small airports means a great decrease of expense, resulting in more money for useful application.

Fact: There has been no reported times that the TSA has stopped a terrorist threat by screening alone.

Source: CNN


There hasn’t been one but there have been many foiled attempts, each new rules that’s comes into place is usually as a result of these cases, for example not being allowed any liquids over 100ml onto a plane and now it looks to be that large amounts of baby powder will be banned due to the risks of it being used to make a bomb. My mother does it for a living and she knows all about this so don’t be thinking that because one hasn’t happened that the terrorists have calmed down as they haven’t. The government agencies and security companies are doing this all behind closed doors more so then you imagine, the amount of foiled plots is astronomical and yes some of these will be plans that involved aviation.

And here you are continuously tested and failure to identify the items will cost you your job so I know here the officers are competent, I would like to think the one run by the government of the US is just as good…

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It’s a good idea, but they shouldn’t remove screening. People will then connect onto a flight on a 747 and that can be Exteremly hazroudus. Also, these small airports don’t have much of a line for security, so it’s only shaving about 5 mins off your time, that isn’t much.

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Two regional Airlines out here (That are 121 certs) Don’t use TSA. From what I know they’ve never been hijacked or had a jet brought down due to terrorism.

The only thing I can think of for the medium airports are body scans with ur bag right at the gate since u need to line up and wait at the gate anyway. That way passengers can start considering coming to the airport a little earlier although I think it is a faster experience anyway. It would also have the passengers use a little of their time screening than sitting around waiting. Also I don’t know what they mean by medium. maybe something like Charleston sc?

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Can you say it louder for those in the back? 😂😂


I have watched the video you provide countless times, and the main message throughout seems to be about Wendover looking up to Israel’s race-based security and threat tagging, and how it has actually saved lives. Such measures would be disallowed in western society for fear of “racism”. The video you provide actually goes against your message.

More armed police, better FBI pre-checks and less TSA. Well said my guy.


Lol! Right?! They are such a worthless organization. They would do some of the stupidest things when I worked at the International airport and whenever we’d travel.
My favourite TSA Moment is when I worked for a DC3 company, and with TSA policy if you hold a SIDA badge you are required stop your truck and let the gate close, anyways TSA thought it be a good idea to sneak in behind us and my boss (and owner of the company) threw his truck in reverse and ran over him. Dennis told the guy if he got up he would kill him, TSA was then told not to harass Desert Air Anymore after that lol


They should just have a fbi pre check for everyone on their first flight. It would lead to faster lines, lest machines, and less agents. Although it wouldn’t be called pre check since there would only be a general security line

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It ain’t about the time, it’s about the budget that pays for the jobs that have been proven to be completely unnecessary.


You just alerted a ton of government agency computers with that Statement lol