TS2 does not show up for me

Heyo, IFLive pilot, grade 2.

I cannot access TS2, It does not show up on my server screen. Is it limited to a certain grade or subscription?

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They got rid of it


TS2 is no more.


Any knowledge of why they deleted it?

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Low demand.

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Thanks for the quick reply!😀

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Mark one of the replies as the solution to your support inquiry.

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It wasn’t needed. It’s only use and reason for being added was for a past update when server traffic was very high. TS1 reached its maximum capacity at the peak of the update so they had to create TS2.

@weatherman223 It has been gone for over a month now. Not the latest news. :)

It went defunct lol. Not enough peeps. I believe it’s most rush hour traffic was possibly 5%.

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