TS2 ATC @ EGLL [Closed]

I have Tower and Ground open at EGLL feel free to come along and do some patterns.

Runways 27L and 27R are active

I will have this page open while controlling so if there are issues just post them


ok i am coming in 10min doing some patterns


i am gonna spawn now exacly


You gave me good runway change pattern entry but you never cleared me for rwy 27L. Corp 211

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Im sorry it showed you up in green

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He’s to follow me on left down wind

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Nice heads up with the go around

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Very good session overall.

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Thanks for coming.

@anon66442947 Thanks, I have taken all your points on board. (Sorry about the lack of clearance after your first runway change)

Thanks for making me go around :p

yeah good session but you told me infinite flight 1321 number 1 clear for the option but you had to say number 2 traffic to follow is on left downwind and then number 1 clear for the option runway 27R. but overall it was an good session!

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