TS1 - Worse by the day. Tighter Rules Required.

This guy decided to ignore everything and just cut me off so he could get to the runway first.

The aircraft in front pulled out on to the runway as a 380 was on final.

I think this is self explanatory…hey southwest…how about a 360 for spacing?

But this guy takes the cake. Landed without clearance on the wrong end of the runway. Then proceeds to taxi off the runway and stop behind me. I was holding short waiting for clearance and he decided he waited enough and rolled straight through me, across the runway and continued to parking. All without clearance.

On top of that, I announced I was on final and directly after A GRADE 4 pilot announces his take off, forcing me to do a go around. All this (and more that I couldn’t capture) in just half a days flying.

Now I know Expert server is there for a reason, but when you pay $80AU for a live subscription to fly with others and then see that expert sever had 5 flights active in all regions, it kinda defeats the purpose. So I fly on TS1 every now and then. Guess I’ll just hang out on expert sever until enough people have reached Grade 3. My sanity is not worth the inconsideration of other players on other servers.


Rules are there already same as Expert.

You want them gone? Fly Expert. Until then, keep training! 😉

I will never understand why people pay for live and then go on a server with Atc only to ignore every thing they say and write of there plane by taxiing though others there is a server for these people Casual


Because it’s only a simgame.

Life is truly too short to worry about petty stuff like this.

You want expert behavior, go to expert server. Accept no substitutions!

He has access to Expert. I think his problem is that he’s in a different timezone from most Expert flyers, so pilots aren’t usually on when he is, therefore defeating the purpose of flying on Expert if no one is there.

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I share @Eric_Jordy’s frustration, and I don’t think it is good enough to simply shrug one’s shoulders and say well it’s the training server what do you expect. I think training server implies those on it are trying to train. Blatantly ignoring ATC, spoiling other folks attempts to follow the rules, and being a general nuisance doesn’t sound like any attempt to train I have ever heard of.