TS1 Slow Taxiing

As a TS1 controller, my ability to take action is limited. Over the past week I’ve had multiple aircraft taxi to the active runway at incredibly slow speeds. I’ve looked everywhere on the ATC control panel and I’m stuck on how to react! How on earth do I react to this?

You basically answered your question. All you can do is send a “Please check tutorials” or “Please follow instructions” message. There isn’t much you can do. However, if you join IFATC, you will have a better controlling environment.


There isn’t much you can do if they are taxiing at 4/5kts

I’ve experienced the same, and on occasions pilots who just stop all together

(I just issue a Continue Taxi on those ocassions)

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I would love to do Expert ATC, but my commitment isn’t there yet (I’ve failed once). Thanks :)

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Wish you luck on the next attempt 👍🏻

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In terms of traffic stuck behind, what should I do?

Thank you IFAE Member ;)

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In that scenario if the traffic is flowing you are best leaving it be. What you dont want to do is encourage pilots to start taxiing through aircraft

Thats would be my recommendation


Maybe you could tell them “please expedite” phrase?



I used that once and they went from 4kts to 60kts :facepalm:

Bottom line you cant win 😊


I would take a slow taxiing aircraft any day over one going 40 knots. Just be patient with pilots as it could be a whole lot worse.


Yeh, but the pilots stuck behind may get a little… ‘throttle keen’

Indeed. That’s TS1 for you :)

This has been disabled on the Training Server :)


It has! What do you recommend?

“Please expedite.” This means “hurry the heck up” and can be found under “miscellaneous messages”


Yep, I’ll give that a try :)

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