TS1 Practice @ EGNX East Midlands [CLOSED]

EGNX GND TWR is now open!

Feedback is welcomed (I will soon be applying for IFATC)


Some of this depends on whether you intend to follow IFATC procedures or those that we discussed yesterday. I’m not gonna argue with you about them, but as we said yesterday, the waiting for clearance European style is not how we do it in IFATC. Clearing me at 70 feet AGL is not how we do it. I’ll leave it to you to decide which you prefer, but that’s not how it’s done in IFATC, if that’s your goal when you’re of age.

For the other stuff:

The command to taxi to runway already contains “contact tower when ready”. Don’t hand me off to tower when I’m halfway there.

You told me to line up and wait when I was halfway to the HS line, nowhere near being ready for takeoff and having yet to request takeoff.

Once I had lined up, almost, you cleared me for takeoff. Except I hadn’t requested takeoff. I wanted to remain in the pattern, so I needed to specifically request that first. Even if that weren’t the case, the pilot requests takeoff holding short, then you LUAW or clear. Not the other way around.

Let your sequencing be your determination of when you turn base. I don’t need a turn base every pass. Two of the three turn bases, I was above the GS. Unless there’s an inbound I need to shoot in front of, let me turn base of my own accord. If I’m number two, let me determine when to turn based on my knowledge of what the other guy is doing and how I fly my approach. Pilots on TS probably aren’t adept at that, but if they don’t have the separation, send them around. But no need to actively manage by turning of base every pass.



Thanks for the feedback, I am not used to FAA regulations, so again I’m sorry most of the stuffing performed today was CAA based not FAA, again I will try to change my way when operating on IF, juggling Real Aviation, FSX (VATSIM) and IF is a hard task.

I’d like to thank you for flying!




I’m now controlling on the TS1 Server-EGNX East Midlands.

If you require charts or a METAR please contact me.

RWY 09 LH Circuits NOT ABOVE 2000ASL

RWY 27 RH Circuits NOT ABOVE 2000ASL

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I’m on my way. I’ll be MJ3

Roger thanks!!!

I was G-JOHN.

  • I took off remaining in the pattern and for some reason you asked intentions?

  • Continue inbound shouldn’t have been used their (I was never inbound, always in the pattern) - Azul was never going to pass threshold before me, I needed to go around

  • CLEAR EARLIER Yes, you’re used to CAA rules but you will never,ever get into IFATC clearing as I’m above the threshold


I’m there now N1TR…

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I will pop over now.

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I asked for your intentions because you didn’t state them, I don’t know if you where to land or touch and go so I couldn’t give you the correct clearance.

Any feedback will be taken!

When remaining in the pattern always expect touch and go, and clearing for the option still allows people to stop and exit, not just touch and go

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Although you left before I took off, I have one little bit of feedback. I said I was ready for takeoff when it was obvious that I was going to have to hold short, but you said “stand by” instead of "hold short of 27"
I was G-EJFX


Again… My CAA side of me is kicking in again!

Usually I report right downwind with my intentions…

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Its never bad to report position (except when already cleared) just not necessary

Thanks for the feedback, at the time I was very busy so I said standby, I would like to think that most people have the brains to hold short…


They do but still need to have the command strictly speaking

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Yeah, they should still hold short, it just isn’t 100% correct 😀

Useful option guide thing

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Ok, I see you continue to have the same problems, it’s more about watching video tutorials all the time, it’s not about FFA or CAA, here we are on IF, there are precise rules, never giving anything for sure, do not think that people know Always what to do, so give always the right and precise commands.
Just a few tips